How to lead a ride & ride routes for New ride leaders

How to Lead a Ride by Vicky Ma

It’s easy; determine a place you want to ride. Figure out the level of difficultly based on our rating which can be found on the web or in our newsletter, approx. miles, write up a description, include place to meet, time and your contact info (phone and e-mail). There has been a recent request for afternoon rides so timing is all at the discretion of the ride leader.


Route sheets are not required but helpful when there’s lots of turns and different level of riders. If you don’t know how to do a write up, ask me to help you. You can be very specific or you can list your ride with spontaneity. If you don’t have a route, look for some of our route sheets in our web library, Leaderless Ride Routes & Route Sheet Library .

Download a sign up sheet from the web and have your riders sign in with an emergency contact number. Post using the miles from the rider who has the most miles, round up.

Send the miles, date of ride, total of riders, name of ride, “club” members and guests and email mileage to Steve Yoder, the mileage coordinator.Submit your posting ASAP or by the 18th of each month so that it’s most current in the newsletter. If there’s any adjustments that need to be made contact Mike.


NOTE: Data is only as accurate as the ride leader who turns them in. It is used as reference only, no prizes but boasting rights. Most of us serious about the miles keep track of our own.

Contact: Vicky Ma 510 813-6690 or chinamite57@yahoo.comif you have any questions

Helpful Links

Announcing the Impromptu Rides

The Problem: Due to busy schedules, many people who would like to lead a ride cannot plan 1 or 2 months in advance in order to get their ride(s) into the newsletter.  Nearly everyone enjoys watching their club mileage increase every month, however, you can only attain club mileage on “impromptu” rides, i.e., those that appear in the newsletter.

The Solution:

Announcing the Impromptu Rides.  Here is how it works