Impromptu Rides

Problem: How to post a ride on short notice

Solution: Impromptu Rides

Here is how it works: You decide that you want to do a ride on the upcoming Saturday or Sunday or sometime during the week and would like to invite others to join you.

By Wednesday evening before the weekend, you write up a description of your ride (using the same format as used in the newsletter) and email it to the Ride Coordinator, Vicky Ma.

In order to prevent too many rides or a conflict with a similar ride already scheduled, Vicky will review your impromptu ride description. If it is too similar to an already scheduled ride, he will reject it and ask you to reschedule it for another date.

If it does not conflict, such as being harder, longer, or easier than an already scheduled ride, he can accept it. It will then be broadcast to all Cherry City members.

Therefore, anyone can check their email Thursday morning and see if any Impromptu rides are now on the schedule for the upcoming weekend. In addition, our ride coordinator, Vicky Ma, will place the impromptu ride(s) on the web site.

If your ride is approved as a impromptu ride, it then counts the same as a ride that appears in the ride schedule of our website.

This should be an exciting new addition to our ride schedules, and will give an opportunity for others to lead their favorite rides without planning too far into the future. Let’s give it a try!